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A Touch Mortal (A Touch Trilogy #1) by Leah Clifford

A Touch MortalA Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“So, this is what it feels like when Heaven leaves you.”

Eden has no path. She is meant to be forgotten, meant to kill herself. And she might have done that exactly if Az hadn't come along. He makes Eden smile, feel needed and special. But Az isn't as human as he seems, an angel cast out of Heaven. He struggles to Fall everyday and suddenly Eden makes it worth it. But not everyone wants them to be happy. The only way to save Eden is to have her embrace her destiny, to suicide. It doesn't take time to realize that Eden is no ordinary Sider and her Touch can do unimaginable. Suddenly, she is thrust deeper into conspiracies that not only concerns her kind but both the Basement and Upstairs. her Touch is the key.

A Touch Mortal was nothing I expected it to be. It was beautiful, amazing and totally distinctive. Leah Clifford presented a world that was eerily enchanting and intricately dark.

Eden was an awesome lead. She was stubborn, curious and kick-ass. And if you have any jokes about her name going, she has got a sarcastic answer as well and I like love good sarcasm.
You: Ready with your joke
Eden: "Yeah, go ahead and get the forbidden garden comment out of your system. And no matter what witty snake joke you're considering? Trust me, I've heard it."
aah, you've been burned! Told ya, she's got sarcasm.

Plus one of my favorite dialogues by Eden:
“The water's not even blue, jackass.”

I don't why, but I just loved it.

Eden is observant as well. Case in point:
“He noticed her giving him the once-over and smiled in a way no gay boy in history had ever smiled at a girl.”

Now that we know Eden, lets get to our not-my-hero-during-most-of-the-book, Az.
Want to hear Eden's thought on him:
"Pain in the ass.”

Ok, maybe I was being a little unfair. But that guy doesn't know how to be a hero. Though that's why, even though what he did to Eden, I loved him. He made an impression on me, even with his pick-up lines. But what I loved most about Az, alongwith his wings, was his strength. He struggled with the Fall everyday but he never gave in.

My super-mega-ultra-favorite character was LUKE. I know, I know, he's the villain. But I couldn't help but love him. I mean he's hot, sexy, got black hair(I always prefer guys with black hair), singer in a rock band(that was clearly a winner), dark, sarcastic, twisted and oh so dangerous. Now, tell me one good reason to not like him, seriously.
“Just because I don't know how to work a toy, doesn't mean I don't want it in my toy box.”

The best supporting character and heart-breakingly gay *sigh* was Gabriel. Most of the book, Gabe was busy trying to protect his friends he love so dearly. So what happened in the end (you have to read it!)was utterly shocking . I was like, "No, Gabe! Not you!" :'(
Hehehe, being a tease, huh? I'll stop now.

Adam seemed a very likable character, but the moment he had walked in, I had read his parts with narrowed eyes. I had believed he would be the one to ruin [SPOILER ALERT!] and I was right, of course. What a @#$%^&!But there was time when my heart had melted. This dialogue had done it:
“I want you to close your eyes. I want you to fall asleep first."
"Why?" She asked suddenly afraid he would slip out of the room as soon as she did.
"Because I'll be here in the morning.”

Kristen was dark and edgy and, mind you, schizophrenic. She talked most of the time in poetry or riddles. But, to me, most of her dialogues with Eden on their first day together were very confusing. I had a hard time understanding her and had to wait for Eden to say something to understand. But I totally adored this quote:
"Everyone adores a tragedy.”

I liked Jarrod and James a lot. [SPOILER ALERT!]I would love to see more of Jarrod in the next book. The scene where James was my most emotional scene. I mean he didn't want to die but see the fate, But at least he's Upstairs, now. That's a relief.[SPOILER ENDED] Libby, I never liked. [SPOILER ALERT!]I always suspected her of killing James. I think rather she was schizophrenic than Kristen. About what happened to her in the end, the delusional b***h had it coming. [SPOILER ENDED]

The reason why I wanted to stay up till 4 at night was the setting. The atmosphere was so dark and edgy, that I was glued most of the time to the book to see where they went next. Leah Clifford's description surely captures my taste. Eden's new look was my favorite.[SPOILER ALERT!] her short hair, pink highlights, numerous rings and bracelets, black nail-polish, clothing created an image of a girl that I would love to hang out with. It made me feel like having a make-over. I am already stacking over my silver rings :)[SPOILER ENDED]

Overall, Dark and twisted A Touch Mortal would attract readers who love a good gothic or paranormal. The sequel A Touch Morbid (A Touch Trilogy, #2) released on February 28th 2012. The third book in the series would be released in 2013.

Memories rose, rippling like pebbles tossed into the lies she’d told herself to try to forget about him.

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