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Pretty in Black by Rae Hachton

Pretty In Black (Pretty in Black, #1)Pretty In Black by Rae Hachton

  "Some Things are Pretty. Some Things are Black. Love is both."

Ellie Piper had wished to die, not to meet the charming and enigmatic Marcus Marble. But now they are in love and Ellie has found a reason to live. Only if their love wasn't forbidden. Ellie was born to kill Evermores like Marcus and Marcus will break every rule if he lets Ellie live. But that won't stop them from a love that was fated. How far would they go before they realize that their love is going to destroy them. This is only the beginning...

Pretty in Black is a pretty original and intriguing novel. The atmosphere was dark and mysterious, just like I love it. Most of the times, the scenes were beautifully descriptive, poetic and captivating.

Lines like these won over my heart:

  “His eyes glistened. I'd never seen eyes that bright or that green. His were emblazoned by a dark symphony. When he blinked, his lashes spread below his bottom lid like satin spider legs, a million wishes to be made upon them, in exchange for these nightmares.”

I loved the opening scene in the cemetery, it's totally my favorite. The cover is absolutely gorgeous. Ellie's troubled past and dark personality totally intrigued me. The way her past life changed to the present Ellie, the reasons and all, were very interesting. Marcus Marble was an amazing male lead. He wasn't one of those to back down and wasn't afraid of his feelings. The concept of Evermores was an interesting one and original, as well.

There were times, I thought the book felt a bit flat. Like in Ellie's scenes without Marcus at her high school, with Giles and some of Marcus's scenes with other Evermores. Not that they were boring or badly-written, they were just not very detailed and the sentences ended almost abruptly and thus making those scenes seem unrealistic to me. Rae Hachton's writing is beautiful but it's inconsistent like in scenes I mentioned above.

My Favorite Line:

  “You Just scared me half to death," I said.

"You should be thrilled you're halfway there.”


Pretty in Black is the first novel in a gothic romance series. The second installment Black Satin would be published in May 2012. The third book, Raven in the Grave would be published in 2013 and the last book, Evermore in 2014.

I won't be rating this book since no rating seems justifiable. I've already mentioned my thoughts and this tug-of-war of rating is killing me so I left it as it is.

  “Ellie, would you frolic in the land of forever with me?”

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