Thursday, 17 May 2012

Still on my Mind (#2)

Still on my Mind is a weekly meme hosted by Haley at YA-Holic.

This week's feature is Keeper by Mal Peet.

Goodreads Description: When Paul Faustino of LA NACION flips on his tape recorder for an exclusive interview with El Gato — the phenomenal goalkeeper who single-handedly brought his team the World Cup — the seasoned reporter quickly learns that this will be no ordinary story. Instead, the legendary El Gato narrates a spellbinding tale that begins in the South American rainforest, where a ghostly but very real mentor, the Keeper, emerges to teach a poor, gawky boy the most thrilling secrets of the game. A seamless blend of magic realism and exhilarating soccer action, this evocative novel will haunt readers long after the story ends.
"This stirring adventure — a soccer story? a ghost story? — defies expectations. . . . Both lyrical and gripping." — KIRKUS REVIEWS (starred review)

Keeper is a novel that stayed with me long after I finished it and made me think, a lot. It was beautifully weaved with words that carried me into a world both enchanting and haunting. Written so wonderfully, that for a moment, I lived in Gato's world and to me the story became real. I read it first when I was 13, and three years later it's still one of my favorite novels and I always read it once in a while. And cry :'( It was uniquely dark and captivating then and it's still so now. As much as, Keeper was a book about football, it was also a book about self-discovery, love, will-power, struggle, determination and compassion. It taught me that your dreams aren't bizarre, your belief that it's bizarre is actually bizarre.

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  1. oooo I have never heard of this before!!!! This sounds really good, especially after you talking about it!!! I will deff be adding this to my TBR! (:

    Thank you SO much joining in on another 'Still on my Mind' post!!! :D


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